Monday, August 16, 2010

More hot days...

Mark took Jakob on a work trip to Seattle on Saturday, they spent all day there. Jakob was really excited about it, mostly about the part where he could help Daddy take pictures of properties, which he did with his play camera. They had a special lunch and dinner together and made a few fun stops. When Jakob got home he told me the best part was that "I didn't even get bored." What a trooper (at least a 12 hour day), I know he really enjoyed the Daddy - Son time too.

This is how city folk cool off when it's 100 degrees and you can't get to the beach! Sunday morning we went to Jamison square to cool off. Mark said, "Oh, this is what summer is about...sun, water..." We haven't had much of a summer here this year, so it was an awakening for many people!

Look out for the water squirter!
Sarah is giving her baby a bath in the waterfall, with her water gun as well! She's a modern woman.

Jakob and I had our last Mommy - Son day for the summer (I return to work next week and Jakob will start Zoo camp, which he is quite excited about).
We did one last hike at Tryon Creek together, and the arachnids were out in droves!!
We've been watching "Charlottes Web" quite a bit, so this was great for Jakob, not to mention that he loves insects and bugs. We sat and watched a few spiders spin their webs and saw a couple wrap up their dinners! Pretty cool.
Behold, Jakob has found a birds nest! He is pointing at it with his spider web "whacker stick" that he used to clear the path for us, didn't work though, we both walked thru a handful of webs.
Jakob wanted to take his own pictures today, this is his prized spider "whacker stick".

And here is my attempt at a photo with my big guy at Tryon Creek. He is the best little nature guide, so inquisitive and so creative with his reasoning for things and stories for all the animals and insects that live in our little world.

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Dexter said...

Omg, you guys are so frickin cute!