Friday, September 10, 2010

The big goodbye

Well it started yesterday with our first meeting with Ms. Hawes, Jakob's Kinder teacher, we had about 45 minutes with her to meet one on one with Jakob to evaluate his skills and chat with us - that was fabulous - but Jakob was visibly anxious and nervous, he was making really odd noises when he spoke ( a really high pitched sing song kind of noise would come out along with a word - totally weird, I had to chalk it up to being nervous). So, that didn't help my anxiety at all, but I still felt good about the environment he will be in, the school is very welcoming, the Principal is so gracious and kind and the teacher seemed excited.
Having said that, I didn't sleep a wink last night, I started off with a cry session about my baby going off to kindergarten, my worries of what if he is scared, what if he gets picked on, what if he hurts himself etc. etc. etc. I woke up around 5 am, tossed and turned until Sarah woke up randomly. I got out of the shower around 6:15 and Jakob was up asking me, "How many more minutes until Kindergarten?"
The drop off was nuts, tons of parents and kids, nowhere to park, we walked from where our new little house is (about 1 block away), and we were greeted by the Principal, Mr. Blanck, who remembered Jakob by name - that was really nice.
Jakob walked down the hall to his class and in the bustling classroom he navigated himself to get his name tag, put his bag away and found a desk, at what was the boys table - somehow the sexes were separated already - too funny. He started right in on a coloring project, no direction needed. He recognized about 4 kids from soccer, which really helped. We (Mark, Sarah and I) stood around with the other parents chatting about how early it was, how emotional this day is and took part in what might have seemed like a celebrity sighting - with how many cameras were in the room! Sarah managed to throw a little fit, "I don't want to leave brother and kindergarten", mostly I think because she saw the baby dolls in the playhouse. The Principal came in and spoke to the kids about his job as the "Boss of the school and the guy to talk to for problems" and welcomed the kids and then excused the parents. Jakob was the first to raise his hand and wave goodbye, with a kiss blown to him by me and a hug given by Sarah we were off, and my baby was left in a room of strangers to learn to fly on his own! OH it breaks my heart, even though I know he was so ready, it's just hard to let him go, this is the first step of letting go and it came in the snap of a finger.
I held it together pretty well, until I dropped Sarah off at preschool and started talking about taking Jakob to kindergarten and missing his little preschool environment - I totally lost it, full crocodile tears, hugs needed and everything. I felt much better after and listening to friends' experiences and their similar feelings really helped in my recovery!

The big guy
Walking down the hall to Ms. Hawes' classroom
Getting busy with coloring
A Mommy and her big guy, not wanting to let go, but also helping him to recognize some friends and asking him to help the kiddos that might be scared (you can't see here but there was a boy across the table crying, that didn't help my emotions what so ever!)
A goodbye hug from Sarah (notice she also needed to wear her "packpack" like brother)

I have yet to hear much about Jakob's day, I just know that they practiced the letter "A", he had a super fun time at the after care program "Art 4 Life", got to try vegimite that was "gross" (they get to have snacks from countries they are studying), he also got to have cookies from Australia and his favorite part of the day was playing outside. I know he was upset about lunch, he hardly ate anything, "they don't give us enough time", well this is true but he also eats at a snails pace, so he'll have to practice chewing quicker. I know he met a friend, Robert, who is also on his soccer team, they seem to really get along well already. And I know he is going to be exhausted for awhile after school, he was seriously cranky and tired tonight, but rallied after eating bit and managed to play in his first soccer game, where he ROCKED! He scored a goal and had 1 assist, and is a fierce defender, don't mess with his goal!

See that serious defender look!
Going in for the shot

Goodbye little guy, I am so proud of you and what a smart, sensitive young boy you are, and I can't wait to see the young man you will grow into over the next years. Your hunger to learn is amazing and I hope it never dies, you really are going to LOVE school, and I can't wait to hear about all the amazing things you learn!

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Wendy said...

Oh Jess i know just how you feel. I got chills reading this post. He is so ready, he is going to soar in that environment. He is so lucky to have you and Mark for parents that care so much. :) Good job on soccer buddy!!