Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun in the Dirt

We have a little back patio in our condo, that has an area for a table and then some dirt - we could grow grass there I guess, but the kids are having so much fun digging in the dirt. We've planted some flower seeds along the wall and are hoping they will sprout soon. Tonight I brought out some buckets of water and let the kids go to town, first they just put the water in the sandbox, later they discovered how to make mud - I don't have pictures of that - I wish I did, Sarah had it all over her face, hands and legs. I couldn't take pictures because she was running over to me trying to wipe it on me and saying "Diteeee" meaning "DIRTY!!" It was straight to the bath from there for both of them, even Jakob was muddy (he's turned a new leaf with getting dirty!!). I think the little back patio will work out just fine for them. We'll see what kinds of other activities they can do back there!

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