Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is dedicated to the all the amazing Mothers that we know, love and have loved! I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!
Things I have learned so far about Motherhood....

Motherhood starts out so exciting and wonderful, that twitter in your belly, the excitement and wonder around what it will be like to be a mother, you start to love having that gorgeous pregnant belly that everyone admires and touches (sometimes whether you like it or not!).

Then the time comes when you work the hardest you've ever worked to get that baby out. Later on you realize that was the easy part of Motherhood! You meet your children in a haze of excitement, adrenaline, exhaustion and ultimate joy that you have made an amazing being! (Now that your beautiful belly is gone, you use that cushion that is left to help that baby snuggle in to you!)

As a new Mom you realize how much your own Mother and Grandmother mean to you and how important they are in your child's life. They cherish the snuggle times, the story time, the play time and the hugs goodbye! And if you're lucky like we are, they teach the joys of cooking, baking and even make awesome cakes for your kiddos!

As a Mother you need the support of your friends who are Mother's and have gone thru the same challenges you are going thru! These girlfriends will be the people who tell you that it's ok that you almost lost your sanity in the pool changing room (that story to come in another blog).

They will go with you to torture your kids with visits to Santa:

They will show you how to make a crazy face to make your kid smile:

They'll show you how to make your life easier, like Carmen showing me how to use whatever you can to open a jar:

They'll laugh with you when you do everything you can to take a picture and it turns out that everyone looks crazy or that your kid won't look at the camera. But as a Mom you take what you can get!

There are so many things I've learned as a Mom so far, and much more to learn. One of the simplest things I've learned is that you never have all the answers - sometimes "Because I said so" does work. You'll never be prepared for everything like:

Your child pulling up his shirt and putting his hands in his bottom during a preschool production, lovely!

And yes, the horror of looking over at your son in a public park, with his pants down, peeing on a tree, nothing can prepare a Mom for that!

As a Mom, I have realized that sometimes, you have to accept that your husband is going to teach your child things that you might not approve of, but you chalk that up to "That's life and that's why I love my husband"

Lastly, I have learned that Motherhood is the most amazing, challenging, mind bending, back breaking, sanity testing, selfless, hysterical, heart melting and yet rewarding thing a person can experience.

Oh, and of course these are the faces that keep me coming back to Motherhood!!


Wendy said...

What an awesome post Jess, I'm all teary. This motherhood deal is such a ride... thank god for our momma friends to help us feel sane and happy!!

Watson Family said...

No Joke Wendy! I don' know what I would do without you Mama's!!

Amber said...

Was not planning to cry this evening, but too late now!