Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Strongest Man

I know he doesn't think he's the strongest man right now, but he is to us! He ran 17 miles until both his knees locked up and still finished the marathon! Seriously, I think most would have given up. He's a man of his word, if he's going to do it, he will - some how! He's a great example to his kiddos, who were so worried about him when he wasn't at the finish line with his projected time, Jakob was teary eyed, thinking that Mark was taken to the hospital or "got lost", then thru the sea of people, came Mark- Jakob just stood frozen with a grin from ear to ear! Jakob made him a special medal - you can see it in the picture (white cardboard with yellow twisty ties/ribbon).

Not the best picture - Sarah is being Sarah in her stroller, and their are port a potties in the background, but at this point it was survival for all of us!

Congrats Mark, you rock!

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