Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And we officially have a BIG boy!

Today was kindergarten promotion or graduation. I don't remember such an event from my childhood and I kind of think it is a bit overboard, since aren't kids expected to graduate from each grade? Do we need a celebration for things that are expected? I don't know, maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but deep down I really did enjoy seeing my boy sing (even if it was SO painful for him to sing and be on stage), and just get recognized for his achievements. Like his principal pointed out, "Kids these days have it very different than when we were in kindergarten", they are reading, doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, science - seriously at ages 5 and 6! So, I guess that, YES I do want Jakob to feel like he did something special because all I remember doing in kindergarten is playing in the sandbox, chasing boys, playing house and taking a nap - probably didn't need a big celebration for that!

The Graduate
The Pledge of Allegiance
Proud Parents
Proud Grandparents
Proud Gramma
Kindergarten gang!
Oh and miss Sarah, doing her Sarah thing - Hide and Seek and just being goofy!! She said tonight that her favorite part of the day was hearing Jakob sing the "Alligator song" at his "gradumation".


Wendy said...

Hey honey. Yeah... Kindergarten grauduation is interesting... did he really wear that gown and hat or is it photoshopped? I don't think they have that here- sweet though and really they are doing so much you are right. Can't believe he's going to be a first grader and loved Sarah's ballet stuff so cute. Hope you guys are good. :)

Jessica Watson said...

Hey Wen,
He only wore the cap and gown for pictures - too funny! We are good, busy busy, prepping for our new house!