Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Jakob was a black widow spider, his idea and a lot of his own creation. Sarah was of course, a princess - her own creation as well.

Jakob at his school costume parade.

Sarah at preschool, trick or treating in the building.
Carving pumpkins, notice the difference between the two - Sarah mostly used her hands, Jakob used only the spoon.
Jakob made a picture of what he wanted on his pumpkin, and followed that almost exactly.
Silly Sarah and her "happy princess smile pumpkin"

Halloween night, so excited to go trick or treating!

At home, checking out their loot!
Sarah came in and was so excited, "I was so brave Mommy, I went up to the house and I got CANDY!!"
Mark took them out while I handed out a ton of candy! Apparently there was a spooky house that Jakob got pretty scared at, he was trying to be brave for Sarah but ended up freaking out in the smoke and strobe light, the owners came out and were super nice, gave the kids extra candy!
Mark also took the kids to a house that had a person that didn't look real, in a chair with a monster mask, Mark was trying to convince the kids that he wasn't real, when he poked the fake leg, the person groaned - needless to say they were spooked! I died laughing when he told me this story because he started off with, "I had an embarrassing moment...I think the guy was an amputee!" Too funny!
All in all a nice Halloween - no rain, excited kids and lots of candy!

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