Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One of the best parts of being a parent of a 3 1/2 year old...

The super sweet, sincere and udderly hyterical things that he says...

To Mommy:
"You are my best Mommy"
"Mommy you are a good girl"
"Mommy you are so pretty"
"Mommy I llike your sweater"
"Mommy I want to snuggle you and Sarah."
"Mommy you have boobs and I don' feed baby Sarah"
"Mommy, you need to hold baby Sarah like this (crossing his arms in a cradle hold), that will make her stop just didn't know that Mommy."
"Mommy where did my toot go, I can't see it?"

To Sarah:
"Hi pretty girl"
"Hi sweet girl"
"Hold my finger Sarah"
"You are a sweet girl"
"SSSH Sarah, it's ok"
"It's ok Sarah, it's not bad"
"Sarah toots really loud and makes really big, stinky poops...right?" (while watching me change her diaper and trying to see her poop)

To Mark:
"Daddy you are a good guy"
"I like you Daddy"
"I love you Daddy"
"I like your jacket Daddy"
"I need to give Daddy a kiss to wake him up"
"When I'm bigger like you Daddy, I will drink coffee and beer too."
"Daddy you like beer right?"

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Bexy said...

Hysterical... I think my favorites are "you are my best mommy" and "Daddy you are a good guy" - it's like, thanks Jakob for the personal affirmation! ha ha!! I love it.