Friday, March 11, 2011

Just random daily things

Sarah's new words: "Mom dogs are so AWESOME!", "Mom sushi is awesome" "Jakob this is going to be so Cool!" Also the sweetest thing, now she has started to say "I love you Daddy or Mommy" just out of the blue - so adorable.
Sarah also has a bit of a crush on a boy at daycare - Dakota - who is also 3 years old, we hear about him daily and how "Dakota is so strong, he has big muscles," he is apparently learning early on how to impress the ladies! Sarah is now showing us her big muscles as well, but she points to her forearms. She is constantly asking what certain foods do, "Will it make me stronger?" etc. She is already very knowledgeable about the body, "Mommy the food goes into your mouth, down the tube and into your sessles (vessels)", she loves to read any book about the body - hoping this means she is going to be a Doctor or at least a biology teacher?!

Jakob's little things that he has taken a liking too, include playing in the sandbox with his friends at recess and "chasing girls" - nice.
He is really into drawing sea life art pictures, I need to take a photo of one, he is so detailed in his work.
He is really liking tennis, and is quite good at it, kicks my butt most games. We'll be looking into a tennis camp maybe this summer. He's in swim lessons and doing great too, for the first time he had no fear in the pool, "That's because I like it."

The two of them: like to build sand castles but side by side, Sarah is a little overzealous with how hard she pats her sand down. They like to chase each other thru our tiny little apartment and try to scare each other, it's really cute and funny but so LOUD and crazy at times.
They sometimes cuddle each other in the morning in bed, or if Sarah has a nightmare, she crawls in bed with Jakob - seriously so adorable! Sarah is constantly making Jakob laugh with just random things she says.
Both really like "make up" stories before bed, I get the pleasure of telling the story, they each give an idea of what/who they want the story about - Jakob's is usually about an animal and Sarah likes stories about Batman pooping in his bat suit - random, but she thinks it's hilarious, probably b/c if Batman poops in his pants he doesn't have any other clothes to wear, so he has to wear one of his Mom's dresses and God knows how embarrassing that would be, so he learns really quickly how to poop on the potty - just a little hint here for Sarah!

The days go by so quickly, I wish I could remember all the sweet things that happen between these little angels. I really appreciate these small things as I see how fast they are growing, it makes my heart ache.

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