Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah funnies

Walking out from daycare at 5pm, Sarah says "Night"
Me: "Yes it's dark out, it's night. Where did the sun go?"
Sarah: "In bed"

Sarah has started to tell her baby dolls, "Don't cry baby, hush". So cute!!
But, most of the time we hear "Baby pooped, change". She is obsessed with this!

Today we went to the swimming pool and Sarah was so excited, she loves swimming, even thought she doesn't know how, but she just loves being in the water and splashing around. She was yelling "Wimmy Poo, Wimmy Poo" (swimming pool) and "Kini on, Kini on" (bikini on). When she was in the water she fell under a couple times, (she doesn't want to be held, she walks around in the shallow end with the fountains and other kids and will walk into the deeper part and will stumble over), so when she comes up from underneath the water, she announces "Unner" (Under) with a smile, if you tell her how brave she was!

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