Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank GOD for Moms!

I had bunion surgery on Monday and am actually lucid enough to type on the computer today! I've been in a vicodin coma for a few days, no shower, just laying on the couch with my foot elevated and icing it around the clock. My Mom flew up on Saturday - had to spend all day in the airport b/c of delays but she got here! The kids are all over her of course - they love their Nana. Well, it's my turn to get taken care of by Nana, she's been doing everything for us, it's unbelievable. Mark is working like a dog - which is great but it's so hard to ask him for help when he's working so hard! So, my Mom has been taking Sarah to daycare 3 days - getting lost in traffic (b/c this is the first time she's driven from our new place - otherwise she knew the old way, no problem), fixing us the best dinners, doing all our laundry (I mean all of it, to wear it all won't fit in the drawers), scrubbing our floors, taking Jakob to swimming lessons, to wood shop class, helping me with pain meds, ice etc., going to the grocery store and last night was up with Sarah who was vomiting!! OH yeah, as if Nana wasn't tired enough, now she has Sarah vomiting, who of course only wants to sit with Mommy in the bathroom, so Nana helped get me situated with my foot elevated, towels and bowls around me for the vomit - which of course came (5 times). She and I finally fell asleep around 3:45 am and she was up with the kids at 7am!! OMG, she is going to need a vacation!!
Thanks Mom, I can only hope that I can pay you back one day - or hire someone who will do as much work as you do in a day!!:)


Mrs. Cush said...

Ouch girl - no fun!

-a said...

Moms are awesome!!