Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Crazy Time

It's been a bit crazy here in our house since my Mom left. Mark is working like mad, all hours of the day and night to finish a couple projects that were both due at the same time and I am left with the crazy kids. Mind you, I just had surgery on my foot and am really not do too much. So, you can see from the video what our house looks like at the end of the day and what the kids are doing to entertain themselves - spinning and pillow fighting - of course it's better to do this near the stairs - gives an element of danger or surprise!!

Jakob started back to preschool on Monday so that I could rest a bit, but on Monday night came down with a stomach bug and was vomiting all night - so he was home with me on Tuesday, poor guy, even sat in the car and vomited (Mark was there obviously) while I had my post op check. I can't drive yet so, they had to take me. Sarah was home with me today, I did way too much with her and am paying for it now. I'm trying to rotate days that I have them, to give me a bit of a break. I return to work full time on Monday. I am not looking forward to it, the summer has flown by. I realized tonight that this is probably the last summer I will have home with the kids and that just breaks my heart. If we end up moving to CA next summer - which is a thought - I probably won't work for a school district so that will be it. Probably will have to work full time to afford anything in CA, but hopefully in the future I could cut back to part time and help out while they are in school - who knows. Anyhow I'm sad to see Jakob going back to preschool, I had a great time with him - a ton of fun watching him participate and grow in all of his sports activities and really mature with his self confidence - he actually asks questions of adults now - which I really think his wood shop class helped him with (as I wasn't there and he had to ask to make sure he was safe etc.). He is growing into such a smart young boy.
Sarah on the other hand, is totally wild, social, crazy, loves to dance. I took her to the library this afternoon - looking for a place that we could sit in the A/C as it's 98 degrees here - well the A/C felt good but I didn't sit much. I actually had to run after her a couple times - in my air cast/boot - yeah that looks fantastic! Anyhow, she enters the library and announces "HI Guys" as we walk in - yep just needs to let everyone know she is there. We get the kids section and says "Hi" to all the kids then proceeds to pull all the books off the baby shelf - and tries to put them back, but you know how that went. She played Peek a Boo in the puppet stage - and knocked her head on it about 20 times before finally knocking it over. She read the same book over and over about 10 times (Baby Peek a Boo and then Itsy Bitsy Spider - to which she did a dance to every time). Oh and she repeated over and over "Mommy Owwee, foot, boot, ice" whenever anyone walked by my foot. So hysterical. Then she said "Mommy, owwee" and pointed to her behind, Me - "Do you need to go potty?" Sarah - "Yeah...No" and then sat down and started looking at a book. About 10 minutes later, "Mommy POOP," so yeah the potty training has begun and it's interesting with this one!!!
So, you could see why I might miss being home with these little devils! They make my day fun and my brain spin out of control sometimes but they are the BEST!

Jakob sleeping with his "ship" and "bridge" (in his hand) that he built all by himself in his wood shop class. He also built an airplane but that was after this picture.

Pictures from today:
Jakob in his bed (well it's actually the trundle bed, we haven't put back since Nana left) - you can see why the bed rail was put up between him and Nana when she was here!! He doesn't stay put at all.
Sarah playing with her baby, giving her a "ride".
Sarah putting ice on my foot/boot.

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-a said...

Hysterical! Sarah at the library sounds like a tiny adorable Chris Farley. Love.