Monday, March 2, 2009

Sar bear - or Sarah bear

That's what we call her around here, it doesn't just sound cute - it fits her personality so far! She is so darn cute and cuddly and so hard headed and determined to get what she wants!
Here are some pics I took of her today:

Here she is doing her best to get to the camera

Looking stylish in her stroller (sweater knitted by the late GG Dode and pants by Auntie Rebecca!)

Riding in the swing and watching the "guk" aka ducks

Climbing up the play structure - the hard way.
Sweet success!
Heading to the slide, head first

Realizing she is going down on her bottom! Sarah usually backs up to the slide and goes down feet first but on her tummy, not today - she's 13 months working on 2 years! Of course, she flew down the slide and landed in the soggy wood chips at the bottom, this didn't stop her from doing it over and over again!

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Wendy said...

She is seriously so cute i can't hardly stand it. Hope you had a good day sweetie.