Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Jakob was very excited about the possibility of "trapping a leprachaun" at preschool. Every year those pesky leprachauns make a visit to the preschool, usually making a mess, hiding their shoes and leaving a shamrock trail to a treasure. This year they did the same thing - during naptime of course! 
Jakob said, "They came when we were sleeping and left a trail of shamrocks, up the steps into the hall and then we found our shoes!" 
"If somebody would have stayed awake, maybe we could have trapped them, and got their gold."  Yeah, if only a one of those kids could have stayed awake!! Too cute.

"Do you know that leprachauns love to slide on a rainbow into the forest, that's where they live and they have a lot of gold. On the other side of the rainbow is a cloud, that's how they know that is the end of that side of the rainbow." 
"I think next time they come, I will trap one and put him in a net, hang it on a stick and carry him over my shoulder, to the forest to get his gold."

Honestly, I just love this age of imagination, he seriously believes this, no questions asked, it's awesome!! 


Carla said...

Angie tells the kids that leprechauns will pinch them if they aren't wearing green (so they don't pinch each other). When they wouldn't go to sleep last night, I told them I wasn't going to let them wear green today. Bro said - "But mom, the leprachauns will bite me!" The leprachauns pee green in Angie's toilet and forget to flush, naughty little things!

-a said...

That is adorable! I beleive Jakob.. the leprechauns turned my beer green. =)