Sunday, December 12, 2010


I know it's December, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Our bodies are just now defrosting and getting used to this warm thing in the sky, called the sun! I do have to admit that I miss the rain, snow and cold, I like dressing in boots and a rain coat, but the sun is so wonderful.
I know our long lost friends are getting drenched in record rain right now, I am glad we moved when we did. We are thoroughly appreciating this spectacular weather, that I'm pretty sure I didn't appreciate this much, when we lived here without children! We can now just go to the park whenever, pop out to the beach whenever and just go for a walk without gearing up - makes parents lives so much easier! But, it's been ingrained in me to take full advantage of the sun, I guess because we didn't see it too often in Portland, so I feel like we need to do as much as possible in a day. Then I have to step back and remember that it will be sunny and nice here, most of the year - duh - so just slow down and enjoy - but this is hard to do!

Here we are taking full advantage of the warm weather over the last week or so.

La Jolla Coves, looking at the seals (last weekend). The kids loved watching the seals swim, Sarah had to find all the "BAAAABY SEEEALS!"

Shell beach

Birch Aquarium, the kids were able to watch the sharks getting fed, so exciting! Jakob really liked the aquarium, totally into learning all about each fish, if they are tropical or not etc. There is a little tide pool area where the kids could touch things like anemones, sea cucumbers, crabs etc, they both really enjoyed that.

The beach today, Mark and his board.
Just enjoying the view today!

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