Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet boy

We just had a nice week with Gramma Kathy visiting, did lots of fun things - rode a horse and carriage thru our old neighborhood, went swimming, played, made sugar cookies, paper snowflakes, took walks, and basically ran her ragged - while in 30 degree or colder weather!! Hopefully she is recovering and defrosting in SoCal!!
Anyhow, Jakob had his trundle bed out and didn't want to put it back, "Just in case someone else visits, like GG Willy or Nana and Papa or maybe Gramma wants to come back." He loves visitors - especially ones that spoil him!
I told him that maybe he could ask Santa to bring Nana and Papa b/c I sure do miss them too, and he was up for that idea, except that he thought that "They won't fit in Santa's bag and it's too cold to ride on the sleigh". When I told him that maybe Santa could pay for an airplane ticket for them, his logical response was, "Santa doesn't have money, you're funny Mommy".
Well, he is in for a surprise b/c Nana and Papa will arrive on Saturday night, with bells on!! I can't wait, he is going to just freak out, Santa can do some amazing things!!

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